Lagoon Saddle

A trip into Lagoon Saddle Hut is an exceptional spring time overnighter that showcases everything from forest walks to climbing snowy mountains to traversing tussock laden fields. It is only fairly short taking only two half days to complete. The walk into Lagoon Saddle Hut provides some exceptional views over and around Arthur's Pass National Park without gaining too much altitude. If you are ever short for time but still want to get out into the wilderness for a night, look no further.

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach is an incredible natural wonder in Dunedin, a walk that leads to natural limestone cliffs. It is known as the 'most romantic spot in Dunedin', making it a wonderful date with my beautiful girlfriend. With access to the beach being only 12 mins from Dunedin city centre it's a manageable evening adventure. Tunnel Beach and the surrounding area provides as an epic sunset location when the clouds hang low.

Kaiate Falls

Kaiate falls is a short walk that leads to a spectacular waterfall.  It is located near Tauranga, Kaiate Falls is only a 25 min drive from the city centre.  The walk is not physically demanding and is suited to anyone of any fitness ability.   The falls allow you to escape into nature and admire some of New Zealand's natural beauty.  Kaiate Falls is a destination not to be missed when visiting Tauranga.

Mt Fyffe

Mt Fyffe is a walk up to one of the most prominent mountains near Kaikoura with easy access. It can be done as a day walk or done as an overnight trek. It is not a hike to be missed if you have good weather and are in the Kaikoura region. In winter the walk provides spectacular views of the snowy mountains out to the west. It is New Zealand's little Nepal.

Lake Mavis

Lake Mavis is an alpine lake in Arthur's Pass National Park.  It lies below the summit of Mt Oates. For me, it was a bucket list hike that I had been keen to do for a while.  The idea of camping next to this body of water at 1600m surrounded by mountains sounded like a dream come true. The trip isn't the easiest, however.  There is a well-marked track that follows right the way from the start to Goat Pass. From this point on it becomes a different game as you scale scree slopes, following only your instincts to reach Lake Mavis.  Experience in off-route navigation coupled with a good level of fitness is essential to comfortably complete this trip.

Pinchgut Hut

Pinchgut Hut is a track that I recommend for all, whether it be your first tramp, your child's first overnight hike or a quick getaway from the daily grind.  The track is easy walking leading through forest, following alongside the Okuku river. Whether it be splashing around in a waterfall, throwing rocks into the river or rock hopping your way along,  the track to Pinchgut Hut provides plenty to experience. Finishing at a cosy hut to top off a day's walking what more could you want? Being only a stone throw away from Christchurch it's a hike not to be missed!