Godley Head MTB Track

Godley Head MTB Track

Godley Head track is a classic Christchurch Mountain Bike ride that starts from Evans Pass Road and leads out to Godley Head. It’s a solid grade 3 cross country Mountain Bike ride that takes on rocky volcanic outcrops along with smooth berms. If you’re a confident mountain biker, this ride is for you.


30 min


6 km


227 m



In Detail

Getting there


There is plenty of room to park up your car near the start of the track. Just before the cattle stop near Evans Pass/Summit road intersection, there is a grassy flat to park up at. The track starts just after the cattle stop on the right-hand side of the road. It ascends rocky outcrops as you begin to snake away from the road.

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Godley Head Track

Unfortunately, the rocky outcrops which put your legs into pain on the first part of the single track mellow out. With Summit road just below you as you begin to traverse along through the paddocks in the next part of the track with a few rocks to dodge here and there.

As you finish off the first paddock you come to a fast flowing single track that leading down towards Summit Road. There are a number of good turns that make the climb and grind (and pushing for some) worth it. There a couple of wooden features that you take on as part of the trail. They are a lot of fun and add some character to the ride.

Field Notes

The views are pretty sick with 360-degree views out over Christchurch and out towards Lyttleton. With Godley Head track being so exposed if it’s windy in Christchurch it will be blowing a gale upon the hills. Throw in your windbreaker or old jacket to keep warm while you are out riding.

Godley Head track is usually open in most conditions. Even after a lot of rain, with there being a lot of rock and being so exposed the track drys up reasonably quickly. The only other restriction that may be placed on the track is during lambing season. You can keep up to date with the restrictions of the tracks in Christchurch on the Christchurch city council website.

After the ride chilling by the car at the Evans Pass car park

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  1. Neil Hawker says:

    I ride this track regularly mostly from the bottom of Evans Pass Rd and sometimes from Rapaki, its fantastic and has everything from fast, technical and downhill with amazing views, highly recommend it, take snacks, jacket and return with a grin factor of 10