Godley Head Walkway

Godley Head Walkway

Godley Head Walkway is one of the most beautiful walks in town. Starting from Taylors Mistake, the walkway leads around Godley Head on a well-formed track winding around the coastline. The scenery is absolutely stunning, the ocean stretching out as far as can be seen, the tussock waving in the breeze and the dominating coastline. Filling your lungs with that fresh sea breeze. A little cosy bay to rest and take out a picnic. Popping a couple of soda bottles and some tasty scones with a touch of good weather. Goals.

In Detail

Getting There

Taylor’s Mistake is the furthermost bay, nor’ east of Christchurch. To get here you must drive past Sumner beach, following a windy narrow road over Scarborough Hill. When you reach Taylor’s Mistake there are plenty of car parks on the grassy flats, although usually, parking space is further away from the beach. There is no need to worry about finding a car park. Toilets, changing rooms and a cold shower are found at the start of the walk if you do feel the urge to take on the beach.


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Godley Head Walkway

There are a number of access points to start the Godley Head Walkway. Towards the back of the carpark, there is a stile which marks the start of a trail to the main Godley Head Walkway. Another place to begin the walk is right next to the changing rooms. A large DOC sign shows times to walk to different points along the walkway. Follow this trail and it will lead you just above the beach to the start of the walkway. Otherwise, if you don’t mind getting sandy feet you can walk along the beach, up a couple of steps and you are ready to begin your adventure.

Dog walks with my girl
Coming around the bend from one of the many twists and turns along the walkway

Where all these access points connect, the walkway climbs up above the beach to give you a picturesque view over Taylors Mistake. Godley Head Walkway is gravelled and well-formed so you’ll be able to rock your sneakers. There is no shortage of foot traffic walking along this walkway. As you wind your way out and around the head, there are a number of goats tracks that lead down to small rocky inlets or caves that have been formed. Some of these goats tracks can provide an impressive backdrop for some epic shots.

All smiles from me
Along the Godley Head Walkway

Nothing is better than putting that device in your pocket with the exception of a few photos, being able to take the time to walk and talk with each other is something special. Stopping to soak up the beautiful view and take some ‘candid’ shots is not a bad way take a breather either.

A quick portrait of Lauren
A quick one of myself taken by the Mrs

Follow the trail for about an hour and you reach a small gate with a chain looped over a wooden post. Down this track, it opens to a small rugged bay.

Boulder Bay

Boulder Bay is a beautiful little bay with a number of baches surrounding the rocky beach. It sports a scattering of quirky signs, that have been put together in an artistic fashion. The baches dotted along the rugged coastline look like they have stood the test of time. Driftwood and rocks make natures dining room and chairs. It’s impressive how far you can end up walking when you lose track of time.

The entrance to Boulder Bay
Admiring the artwork along the way through Boulder Bay


To top off an enjoyable little walk, with stunning views and a beautiful girlfriend, I had made scones for a picnic lunch. I prepared and baked them that morning, tucked them into a lunchbox along with a tea towel. I chucked in a container of butter and a pot of Jam for extra flavour. Lauren has a bit of a sweet tooth so I added a couple of pieces of brownie to finish on after the scones. You can check out this edit that I have made on how to make those same scones on YouTube.

This experience is definitely something I would rate to make this Valentines Day special. Just being out together in the wild, enjoying each others company tops it off. Make sure that you bring either a drink to enjoy and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. There aren’t any water fountains along the track so make sure that you bring a drink to enjoy or a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Spending time in the wilderness is a date which is free. Sure you might have to make the effort to bring out the baking mitts and crank up the oven but there’s nothing better than a thoughtful homemade gift crafted with love. The walk was really beautiful in so many ways; the stunning coastline, the golden tussock and for me my girlfriend. If you want to create some special memories this Valentine’s Day, move outside. Don’t go out for dinner if it’s going to hurt your pocket and finds you both scrambling for your phones. Go outside and make a long-lasting memory together.