Camp Bay

Camp Bay

Camp Bay is a beautiful Nor’Western Bay on Banks Peninsula. With two small sandy beaches separated by a rib of rock, it is the perfect place to hit the beach this summer. The bay gains some small swell and plenty of sunshine on a good day making it a lot it is a beach not to be missed.


2 hours


1 hour from Christchurch

Points of Interest

Beach, Geology, Caves

In Detail

Getting There

Camp Bay is a smaller bay just around the corner from Diamond Harbour. The easiest way to get there is to drive over Dyer’s Pass or through the Lyttelton tunnel. If you were fighting fit and wanted to make a day of it you could catch the Diamond Harbour ferry from Lyttelton. Once at Diamond Harbour you would then bike the remaining 8.6 km to Camp Bay. The road in is narrow at times so take care when traffic is coming from the other direction.




The beach can be popular among many people especially those with young families. There is no public access beyond the beach, anything beyond the beach is private farmland. The car park has a public toilet, however, there is a shortage of water in the warmer months. Only flush and use water when it is essential. Camp bay is split in two; take a left over the fence to the bigger sandy beach or a right to a smaller sandy beach.

Looking out from the Camp Bay carpark

Camp Bay Beach

Camp Bay beach has a small amount of surf that provides enough to have a lot of fun with the boogie-boards while keeping it tame enough for younger children. There’s plenty of room to spread out your beach towel put up the umbrella and get stuck into your book. Unfortunately there is a fire ban on the beach so you will have to farewell those campfire dreams.

Camp Bay Beach
A small butterfly found on the beach at Camp Bay

Exploring Camp Bay

Around from the leftmost side of the beach, there are a number of smaller rock pools and a steep cliff-like overhang. You are able to capture some creative beach pictures that Lauren captured below of me. I think the best photo opportunities are from out and around this point. If you are keen to get out and around towards the cave make sure that you check the tides

If you are looking for a relaxed weekend on the beach, playing in the sand and splashing in the waves then Camp Bay would be my destination to go. It is approximately an hours drive from Christchurch, but with the amazing views, it is well worth it.