Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach is an incredible natural wonder in Dunedin, a walk that leads to natural limestone cliffs.   It is known as the ‘most romantic spot in Dunedin’, making it a wonderful date with my beautiful girlfriend.  With access to the beach being only 12 mins from Dunedin city centre it’s a manageable evening adventure. Tunnel Beach and the surrounding area provides as an epic sunset location when the clouds hang low.

Details from Tunnel Beach walk.  Walking down towards the limestone cliffs.

In Detail

Getting There

The Walk

The walk to Tunnel Beach is relatively easy.   Although it is steep, it doesn’t take long before you are running down the hill to see the epic views and towering limestone cliffs.  As you make your way down you can look south down the eastern coast.

At the start of the walking access to  Tunnel Beach

Waves barrel into cliffs and ride along towards the shore and the wild southern seas are impressive.  It’s clear to see why Tunnel Beach is a popular attraction for tourists and locals to come to visit. The cliffs are well worn and goat tracks smoothed about the cliffs from where many hooves have trodden

Sunset closing in while atop the limestone cliffs at Tunnel Beach
Views out along the eastern coast from Tunnel Beach

The Tunnel

One of the most impressive parts of this attraction is a tunnel that leads to a beach.  History has it that the tunnel was cut many years ago, back in the late 1800’s so that the Cargill family could bathe in privacy.  The tunnel has a number of steps made of rocks that lead down to a beach accessed through the cliff. Usually, they are quite damp and slippery so make sure to use the walls for balance as you make your way through.

Tunnel to Tunnel Beach

Clambering down through the tunnel you reach the beach. If you time the tides right, it’s possible to walk out between the rocks and reach the sandy beach.  Dunedin tides can be checked on Metservice to ensure you time your adventure right.

A walk down to Tunnel Beach is an evening date night time in summer if you are ever short of an idea.  It doesn’t have to be a warm and balmy beach weather to make this walk enjoyable. Being accessible from town and an easy walk suitable for all, this place should certainly be on your checklist if you are visiting Dunedin.