My name is Nathan James

Nathan James Author and founder of Adventures from the South

and I’m a Christchurch born adventurer, studying engineering at the University of Canterbury.  I’ve grown up in the outdoors from a very young age, as soon as I was old enough to fit in the backpack I was taken out hiking and biking with my parents.  As I grew older my parents would organize an annual tramp each year with my grandparents and family, tackling a lot of the great walks that New Zealand has to offer.  I completed my Gold Duke Of Edinburgh award at the age of 17, it gave me the confidence to take leadership organizing hikes with some of my mates who had never had much outdoor hiking experience before, yet grown-up all their lives in New Zealand.

Making my way up towards Lake Florence

As soon as I got my full license I took a group of 3 mates out for a trip up Avalanche Peak in Arthur’s Pass.  We were fortunate enough to strike stunning weather leaving us breathless looking out over some cracker views.  The mates I took up absolutely loved it, I’m sure none of us will ever forget that trip. We were all left with the question ‘when’s the next one’?  I haven’t looked back from then, always on the search to uncover a new location and share the photos from the trip, hoping to inspire others to go out and create adventures of their own.

Posing for the camera while looking West on the descent of Avalanche Peak
Nathan James, admiring the view from partway down the Robert Ridge Route on Avalanche Peak

Adventures from the South

was born out of chatting with a mate about details on where I would recommend going hiking for someone that doesn’t have much experience.  I suggested a few places that could have been of interest.  I continued to post up on Instagram and Facebook photos from treks that I would go on, the more word would spread and people would ask about going out tramping together. There are so many young kiwis out there that are all out there who love a bit of adventure, adventures that create memories that you look back on and remember when you become an old man.

Hopefully, through the Adventures from the South blog, I can inspire many more people, young and old to take that next step and experience some of this beautiful landscape that we have lying on our doorstep in New Zealand.  And to all the mates that have had their eyes opened to New Zealand outdoors. Don’t stop. I’ll see you out in the backcountry.

I am always keen to meet new people

who are doing great things.  If you ever want to collaborate with me or just want to chat about some track beta, feel free to drop a line.  You can learn more about the blog on Medium.